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The Original Bee Revival Kit

The Original Bee Revival Kit

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The Original Bee Revival Keyring - Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. This bee saving kit can be attached your keychain for when you are out on the go and come across an exhausted bee in need of your help! The bee revival keyring provides an emergency solution to REVIVE an exhausted bee so it can continue its mission pollinating planet Earth.

Key features:

  • Strong aluminium shell
  • Contains an ambrosia® bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency.
  • Refillable bottle with natural custom cork top
  • Custom stamped key ring
  • Ideal nature/animal lover gift
  • Printed onto FSC Certified stock
  • Delivered in an environmentally sustainable boxes which contain at least 70% recycled content.
  • 5+ uses refillable from home. Follow instructions carefully on packaging inside alongside a ‘Welcome to the Team’ leaflet from made from 100% recycled fibres.
  • Designed and assembled in Exeter, UK.

Equip yourself and join our buzzing community to raise awareness of the importance of bees.

Or have it delivered as a thoughtful gift direct to your bee lover, friend or family member.

The 5 Simple Steps to Revive a Bee:

1 ) Check the Symptoms

Is the bee wet? If so, you can place her in the sun to warm up. An exhausted bee, however, will appear lethargic and will probably be far away from any flowers. It is important to note that she could be only resting or actually dying. Bees don’t live very long, and if she looks old or is clinging to a flower, sadly these steps won’t resurrect her. 

2 ) Stay Protected 

Make sure you are protected from the bee’s stinger by using your sleeve, a nearby leaf, or a container when you pick her up. Remember to be gentle. There’s nothing scarier than a big human carrying you off.

3 ) Find a Flower 

 Try and find a flower nearby. If it’s possible, make it a high nectar and pollen one such as buddleia, sunflowers or knapweeds. This is the high-nutrient food that she has been looking for. 

4 ) Wait

You do need to have a little patience. The average bee resting time is about 30 minutes. Give it time and if she doesn’t take it, she either can’t or doesn’t want it. 

5 ) Offer a Sugar Solution 

If the flower method fails, sugar water is needed. The RSPB suggests getting a small container or spoon and offering two tablespoons of granulated white sugar to one tablespoon of water. If you have your Bee Revival Keyring, this is an easy step for your spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. Remember that if she doesn’t take it, don’t force it on her as she will be a sticky mess and worse off than when you found her! 

Please note: this product is not a toy, contains small parts. Must be used with adult supervision. Replace liquid within 12 months of purchase.

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