What we can do

Introducing our new initiative dedicated to educating children about the crucial role of bees in pollination! As part of our larger mission, we're excited to engage with your school community.

Our engaging school visits offer an immersive experience, where students discover the captivating world of bees and their hive dynamics. We bring along fascinating facts that captivate both children and adults alike. Our interactive sessions include captivating visuals, and we even provide beekeeping gear, including observation hives and suits for the kids to try on.

The fun continues with activity sheets and seed pots, sparking friendly competitions on cultivating the best wildflower pots. Experience the delight of tasting pure, unprocessed honey - a healthier alternative to store-bought varieties.

Enhance your school grounds with our comprehensive Pollination Garden setup. This package includes wildflower seeds, a bumblebee house, educational resources, and plants. Through teamwork, children can actively participate in planting within three large, hexagon-shaped planters. This area becomes an ongoing project, nurturing a sense of responsibility and connection to nature.


  • Full-day visit: £250
  • Half-day visit: £150
  • School Pollination Garden (including seed pots): £350
  • Additional Seed Pots: £3 each

For more details and to schedule a visit that promises both educational enrichment and environmental consciousness, reach out to us. Let's inspire young minds and sow the seeds of understanding together!

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