Would you like to keep hives at your school? We can manage them for you, or we can train your staff to look after them.

Are you interested in having beehives right at your school? We offer a hassle-free solution – we'll handle the hive management, or we can provide training for your staff to manage them. Here's how our Hive Management works:

Installation and Management:
We'll begin by setting up a minimum of two bee colonies at your chosen location, following a site review and risk assessment. These colonies are sourced from our own apiary. Maintaining multiple hives minimizes risks, allowing observation, maintenance, and timely interventions for weaker colonies.


  • Onsite apiary setup, including beehives and ongoing management.
  • Supply of bee colonies.
  • Up to 36 maintenance visits each year.
  • Provision of feed and necessary medical treatments.
  • Harvesting, extracting, and jarring honey from your very own hives.

Engaging Staff and Pupils:
We offer an immersive program featuring workshops, experiences, and engagement activities centered around pollinators and the environment. Beekeeping fosters team building and presents an exciting learning opportunity for students.

Training for Staff:
If desired, we can train your staff members to become competent beekeepers, enabling them to care for the hives on the school grounds. We provide comprehensive training, beekeeping suits, hives, bees, equipment, and lifelong support.

Beekeeping not only enriches your school's environment but also empowers your community with practical knowledge about sustainability. It's an engaging way for children to connect with nature and learn about the importance of pollinators.

If having an onsite apiary and engaging beekeeping experiences at your school resonates with you, reach out to us at morebeespleaseuk@gmail.com. We're excited to share further details, including pricing and answer any questions you might have. Let's bring the enchanting world of bees to your educational space!

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