Adopt a Hive / Bee

A perfect gift for the environmentally conscious, the bee or honey lover, or simply for the person who seems to have everything!

Do you know anyone who loves Bees?

Loves the environment?

Would like a bee hive, but doesn't have room?

Would like to help increase the population of the Native British Black Bee, which unfortunately is in decline.

They can now own a hive for 12 months and name their hive, or adopt a bee.

The world's honey bee population is in decline due to many differing factors which are still being investigated.

Here at More Bees Please we want to try and increase awareness of how important bees are to continual survival of all living things.

We encourage the public to adopt bee friendly behaviour, promote the development of gardens and the general environment to the advantage of honey bees and other pollinating insects and dissuade people & organisations from persisting with increasing habitat loss, and using pesticides.