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St. Clement’s Gin

St. Clement’s Gin

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Intense Clementine Zest and Lemon Zest rush out of the glass. Sweet pink peppercorns and spicy black peppercorns support the classic Assay Juniper hit and a subtle, sweet and dry liquorice hum.




Classic Assay mouth coating syrupiness. The Clementine and Lemon from the nose transfers to the palate and keeps building. Really powerful juniper and peppercorn keep the assertiveness coming. Very light liquorice underneath.




Oranges and Lemons linger far after the other notes like juniper, pepper and liquorice have faded. Very, Very long on the finish. All in all, an incredibly bold, positive gin that encapsulates the natural citrus flavours in heady juniper and light spice.

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