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Body Butter Gift Set

Body Butter Gift Set

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Introducing Our Luxurious Beeswax Body Butter Gift Set:

🌿 Nourish and Pamper: Our Beeswax Body Butter Gift Set is a celebration of natural skincare at its finest. Each jar contains a sumptuous blend of pure beeswax and luscious fruit extracts, creating an indulgent body butter that deeply nourishes and pampers your skin.

🍓 Strawberry Sensation: Dive into the delightful world of strawberries with our Strawberry Body Butter. This fruity treat leaves your skin feeling soft and supple while infusing it with the enchanting aroma of freshly picked strawberries.

🥥 Coconut Paradise: Our Coconut Body Butter whisks you away to a tropical paradise. The exotic richness of coconut combined with beeswax creates a body butter that hydrates and soothes, leaving you with the sensation of an island escape.

🍊 Orange Zest: Embrace the invigorating citrus burst of our Orange Body Butter. Infused with the zesty essence of oranges and the moisturizing power of beeswax, it refreshes and revitalizes your skin, leaving it positively radiant.

🥭 Mango Magic: Our Mango Body Butter is like a tropical vacation for your skin. With the irresistible allure of ripe mangoes, it not only hydrates but also soothes and rejuvenates, leaving your skin feeling as luscious as a summer day.

🎁 Key Features:

  • Natural Goodness: Each body butter in this gift set is crafted using the finest natural ingredients, including pure beeswax, ensuring a wholesome and eco-conscious skincare experience.

  • Luxurious Variety: With four delicious scents to choose from, this gift set allows you to pamper your skin with a variety of luscious fragrances, depending on your mood and preference.

  • Thoughtful Gifting: Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a loved one, this body butter gift set is a luxurious and caring choice for any occasion.

Indulge in the world of natural luxury with our Beeswax Body Butter Gift Set. It's the perfect way to embrace the healing and nurturing power of beeswax while immersing your senses in a variety of delightful fruit-inspired fragrances.

60ml Tins 

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