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A5 Print

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Rosie Smith, Wildlife Artist

Rosie Smith is a renowned wildlife artist celebrated for her intricate and captivating depictions of the natural world. Her work captures the essence and beauty of wildlife, bringing each subject to life with meticulous detail and vibrant colors. Rosie's passion for nature and her keen eye for detail are evident in every piece she creates, making her artwork a cherished addition to any collection.


Rosie Smith's prints are high-quality reproductions of her original artwork, created to bring the wonder of wildlife into homes and galleries. Each print is produced using state-of-the-art printing technology, ensuring that every detail and color is faithfully represented. These prints are available in various sizes, making it easy to find the perfect piece to complement any space.

Limited Edition Prints

For collectors and enthusiasts, Rosie offers limited edition prints, each signed and numbered by the artist. These exclusive prints are produced in small quantities, adding a layer of rarity and value to each piece. Limited edition prints are printed on premium archival paper, ensuring longevity and preserving the vibrant colors and intricate details of the original artwork. Each limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity, verifying its uniqueness and provenance.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Reproductions: All prints and limited edition prints are produced using advanced printing techniques to capture the richness and detail of Rosie's original artworks.
  • Various Sizes Available: Choose from a range of sizes to suit your space, whether you're looking for a statement piece or a smaller accent.
  • Signed and Numbered: Limited edition prints are personally signed and numbered by Rosie Smith, making each piece a unique collector's item.
  • Archival Quality: Printed on premium archival paper to ensure durability and prevent fading over time.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Each limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its value and rarity.

Rosie Smith's prints and limited edition prints are perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, art collectors, and anyone who appreciates the beauty of the natural world. Her artwork brings the majesty of wildlife into your home, offering a daily reminder of the wonders of nature.

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